Essenze Collection

The texture of this appealing material reproduces such species of wood, as walnut, morado, elm and weng, never used for flooring before. Essenze reveals the magnetic and warm essence of natural wood, accentuates the inimitable timber veining and elegant shadings. This charming series recreates the atmosphere of harmony, awakens intrinsic energy and inspiration.

8 X 72 Euroker

  • Essenze Elm 8 X 72
  • Essenze Maple 8 X 72
  • Essenze Large 8 X 72


Size (in) Size (cm) PCS (per box) SQF (per box) M2 (per box) LBS (per box) BXS (per pallet)
8 X 72 20 X 180 4 15.50 1.44 69 18