Zenodro Homes

Creating the right aesthetic that will capture the essence of the home is key. In Florida, choosing the right tile that will remain durable enough to withstand the constant changes in climate is also an important factor. The Zenodro Homes project in Kissimmee, Florida combined two different sets of tile to create a timeless finish. The Limestone and Bambu Collections were the focal points of the design scheme to complement the vibrant colors in different rooms. The developer chose the 24x24” size for a clean, linear look, capitalizing on the fact that limestone tiles look just like the real stone.

The Limestone collection was used in two designs – the first was an orange crush detailing for a bathroom, kitchen and family room area. The light color of the flooring with orange hues was the perfect contrast against the bright orange walls, white furniture, light wood cabinetry and silver appliances and fixtures.

The second instance of the Limestone collection was used in a darker tone to complement apple green hues in the bathroom, kitchen and family room area. The contrast of the white furniture, cabinetry and silver accents made an attractive design pairing.

The Bambu collection was used in two instances as well. The first set of tiles was a medium-colored tone, designed to complement the dark furniture and cabinetry of the room, mirroring that of a modern spa. The second set of tiles was very light, throwing a dramatic cast on the dark and light patterns flowing throughout the space.

This project was 10,000 square feet, and took a year-and-a-half to complete. When finished, the owner of the property was pleased with their choice in selecting the Limestone and Bambu Collection tiles, which had a sleek, uniform look throughout the homes. The team at Kertiles has in-depth experience on selecting tiles that will work best for every scenario, providing information on durability, use and design.

With a long history of experience, superior customer service and quality inspections on every shipment, we guarantee our ability to meet and exceed your expectations. For more information on selecting the right tiles for your climate, layout and overall project, contact a tile specialist at Kertiles today!