Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Large Format Porcelain Tiles  

Choosing the perfect flooring is a big part of making any room look fantastic. The options to consider for floors are almost endless.Large format tiles provide plenty of benefits for virtually every room in the house. They are also a good option for many businesses as well. The following information discusses why both designers and consumers favor large format porcelain tiles and why Kertiles provides the best choices when designing a great-looking room.

Visually Appealing

Large format tiles can dramatically alter the appearance of virtually any room. Whether they are used as flooring or wall tiles, there are a variety of reasons large format tiles will make almost any room or living area look great. A few of the advantages include the following.

Easy Maintenance

Porcelain tile is made from denser, finer clay and is created at higher temperatures. This tougher type of surface makes it more resistant to stains and scratches than other types of materials. It's much more durable for high foot traffic. This makes it a good choice for homes and businesses.

Porcelain tiles are naturally resistant to moisture and stain. If they do lose some of their shine and luster they can easily be cleaned and restored to their original beauty and shine. It's recommended to sweep the tiles with a bristle broom before vacuuming. This should be done once or twice a week. Once a month the tiles can be cleaned with a white vinegar and water mixture. Less than half a cup of vinegar for approximately 2 gallons of water is enough to keep the floor clean and shiny.

Choosing the Best Tiles

When selecting any type of interior materials it is important to choose a company with both experience and expertise in the field of interior design. It is also imperative to select a company that produces top quality products. Kertiles not only offers over 40 years of experience but provides a great selection of beautiful, large format porcelain tiles. They have a wide selection of tiles in several different sizes and featuring a variety of surface styles. Contact Kertiles for more information when selecting tiles for a home or business.

Kertiles carries a large variety of large format tiles. Recently introduce 4 new Large Format Tiles that are 18"x36"