Creating a Different Look with Park and Avenue by Kertiles

The Park and Avenue Collections from Kertiles features two concrete looks in a 24x48 format. These glazed porcelain rectified tiles are guaranteed to transcend any space from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Park Grigio series can only be thought of as "concrete redefined". The traditional gray and white tones found in this material come alive with Park's striking lineal lines and varied tones from tile to tile.

Park will elevate any space from contemporary to modern with endless design possibilities.

Concrete elevated is the best way to describe Avenue Grigio. The very look of concrete taken to striking design and coloring by HDimaging brings an award winning style- perfect for any commercial or residential design project.

The Kertiles family has a long tradition in the interior decoration product development and commerce. Forty years ago, the mother company Kermar S.A., was established in Castellon, Spain, at the center of tile design and production.

The founder, Mr. Juan Marcos Jimenez, made his objective to develop and export the Spanish flooring decor. After having travelledthroughout Europe and America he envisioned a world where ceramic tile, a decoration material traditionally used in Mediterraneanarchitecture, would be used in every modern home.

Kertiles has been a major supplier in the US tile industry for more than 20 years.

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