Car Showrooms Like Prestige Motors Prefer Glossy Floors

One thing most car showrooms have in common (besides cars) is a glossy looking floor. Glossy floors are best for showing cars and the reflections from floors offers a unique view of cars that consumers have an interest in. One client of Kertiles is Prestige Motors.

Prestige Motors is among the high-profile clients of Kertiles, a tile manufacturer that has its roots beginning 40 years ago in Castellon, Spain. The city which was known as the center of tile design and production throughout the world. During the time that Kertiles ran their business in Spain, China superseded them as the major center for porcelain tile manufacturing. Ultimately, China became the largest country making  porcelain tiles.  To stay competitive, Juan Marcos Jimenez the founder of Kertiles moved production to China too.

Now Kertiles porcelain tiles are made in Forshan, China. Leaving nothing to chance, the company also established an office near the factory in Forshan. From there, Kertiles staff inspects every order prior to shipping – no matter what the size or customer is. They created a quality control system that offers Kertiles staff the ability of checking each order during any part of the process for manufacturing, packaging, and loading. Documentation is done by giving clients photos as their order moves from manufacturing, to packaging and on to shipping.

In the United States, Europe and South America Kertiles have offices to serve you. In the state of Florida in the United States, there is a 45,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center where the company stock all its popular and most other porcelain tiles. Visit the Kertiles Internet site or call the easy to remember phone number: 1-800-KERTILES.

About Prestige Motors

Established more than 25 years ago, Prestige Motors, Luxury Showroom is at 2315 NW 97 Avenue in Doral, Florida. This family owned business also has a location in San Jose, Costa Rica. The knowledgeable staff of Prestige Motors dedicates itself to providing only the best quality of vehicles and services around the world. Inquiries are handled with discretion – if you have a particular make, model and year of an automobile that you want to buy, the Prestige Motors staff goes all out to fulfill your request.

Prestige Motors in Doral, Florida are able to carry out a worldwide search thanks to their extensive network of luxury auto suppliers. The services offered by Prestige include automobiles that,

The staff at Prestige Motors in Doral, FL works doggedly through their personalized special – order service to find you the automobile that suits you best and is within your budget. Prestige also sells executive jets and exclusive water craft.