Tile Imports from A to Z

Euroker Concept

Spanish Design

Euroker, a company originated in Spain, of wich based the design of their products in the modern Mediterranean decor. We're in tune with the latest European trends in interior decoration and implement our designs through our marketing and brand development department located in Castellon, Spain.

European Production

Euroker has several offices in Europe, where the manufacture of products is carried out. In this way we guarantee a product of the latest technology, high quality control and most competitive pricing.

American Service

Our company has more than 20 years established in USA. Our success in this competitive market has been based on understanding the high level of customer service, continuous monitoring and product quality assurance that the American customer demands.


Quality Control

Through our production office in Spain we control quality and service for each individual shipment. Our team ensures that all products are manufactured according to your specifications and carry Euroker quality seal. We make available full product specs necessary for any project.

Direct Sales

Direct sales from manufacturing to your warehouse or project site. We take all headaches buying overseas away. We inspect all materials at the factory level, make sure construction timetables are maintained and take care of customs, brokerage and final delivery.


We hold invetory in Europe and in the US. With this combined effort we can guaranty delivery of all of our exclusive collections. When you specify Euroker for your next project you can count on us to have the product delivered on time.